Year 9 at Westcourt

For many years those involved in the education of students in middle years and in particular Year 9, have recognised that it’s a difficult year for teachers and students and that traditional modes of learning and teaching don’t successfully or fully engage the majority of Year 9 Students and meet their learning needs. A great deal of research in Australia, US, UK and Canada supported this understanding and supported a separate campus for Year 9’s
Having our own campus allows us to run our own programs with our own teachers. The Westcourt Campus timetable is separate from the main campus timetable and this allows a great deal of flexibility.
The journey of the Year 9 students can occur in separate setting where the group can really come together as a year level. Based on research and discussion with other schools, we are confident that the boys’ transition back to Senior School will be enhanced by the increased confidence and awareness gained from their sense of belonging to the year level and of the gifts they bring to the group.
The notion of living and learning in the community is central to our philosophy at St Joseph’s College. Hence having staff dedicated to the Year 9 Campus is paramount as it will enable the building of strong relationships between staff and students.

The Year 9 program aims to develop students who:

• Are independent, self-aware learners who set goals, reflect and evaluate their own progress.
• Are confident to take risks with, and responsibility for their own learning.
• Pose critical questions about their world and can use traditional online and community resources to develop responses.
• Work co-operatively to complete a variety of tasks with teams of peers.
• Are socially aware, ethical and caring global citizens.
• Are connected to fellow students, staff and The College and see themselves as members of a learning community.

Curriculum at Westcourt

The curriculum at Westcourt is focused on differentiated and authentic learning.  The teaching team incorporates technology and uses traditional classrooms as well as open learning spaces, with creative use of furniture to allow for flexibility and mobility whilst insuring that academic rigor remains at the highest standard.  Both explicit teaching and enquiry-based teaching is used to assist our students to become life-long, global, engaged learners.  
Leadership skills are explicitly taught with numerous opportunities to develop these skills in practical ways, primarily in service to others.
Students are encouraged to make critical decisions when given the opportunity.  This could be in relation to subject choices or choices given within the curriculum, for example Learning Communities, Physical Activity For Healthy Lifestyles (PAHL),  assessment tasks in core subjects and electives, The Rite Journey, camps and other extra-curricular activities.  

Involvement with Edmund Rice Campus

Year 9 students will be part of all major functions held at the Edmund RIce campus. Full school assemblies, Athletics Day, Edmund Rice Day and Swimming Carnival are examples of events that Year 9 will attend at the Edmund Rice campus or outside facilities.

Have a Glance Around Westcourt

Year 9 Handbook 

Click on the image below to download the 2020 Year 9 Handbook. The Handbook includes important curriculum information along with subject information for Year 9 students.

Year 9 Handbook 2020 Year 9 Handbook 2020 (8669 KB)

Year 8 into Year 9 Information Presentation

Click on the link below to download the Year 8 into Year 9 Information Presentation

Year 8 into Year 9 Information Year 8 into Year 9 Information (629 KB)

Are you a new student at SJC in Year 9?

Welcome! Download the Welcome book that includes some useful information for new students at
St Joseph's. See below.


Welcome to SJC New Student Booklet Welcome to SJC New Student Booklet (1999 KB)