Notebook Program Philosophy and Rationale

At St Joseph’s College, we are committed to building educational environments that allow students to learn and function efficiently and effectively in today’s digital world. As part of this commitment, we believe students need to acquire an appreciation of the impact of ICT on their world and leave as efficient, effective and responsible users of ICT. 
Mr Chris Valmadre - Director of ICT  

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Our school is proud to announce we are now officially an eSmart school. Since we first registered with the program, we have introduced many new policies and activities to improve the way our school manages Cybersafety and the smart, safe and responsible use of technology.

SJC eSmart Curriculum Matrix SJC eSmart Curriculum Matrix (241 KB)

Monitoring Computer Use

As part of the school’s obligations under laws related to protecting children and mandatory reporting, the monitoring of computer facilities is carried out and is directly related to keeping children safe, providing a safe learning environment and ensuring appropriate use of school owned computer facilities.

Student laptops remain the property of the school until the completion of a three year hiring period by parents. As such, student laptops are part of the computer facilities owned by the school.

The College monitors and logs the use of its computer facilities including email and internet use and may take action where use is either a breach of College policies; or poses a threat to security; or threatens a student’s educational, social or medical wellbeing; or damages the College’s reputation.

Use of student laptops whether inside or outside school is automatically logged. This includes logging internet usage, school email accounts and school cloud service accounts. Electronic records (log files) showing search terms and websites visited/attempted are retained to allow the school to discharge its legal obligations.

Conversations at home
We recommend that parents/guardians have regular conversations with their son(s) regarding the smart, safe and responsible use of computers. We recommend the following general advice from Office of the Children's eSafety Commissioner -

Home Internet Filter for School Laptops

Parents are able to request the school activate extended hours for internet filtering on the student laptop.

Please download the form below if you are a parent interested in this service.

  • The school will only provide the options shown.
  • There is no cost for this service.

Parent Request for Home Internet Filter Controls Parent Request for Home Internet Filter Controls (66 KB)

The school internet filter:
All student laptops have internet filtering on school days between 8am and 3.30pm.

What is unblocked when we ALLOW “Recreation” sites:
Sites in this category include some game sites, some social networking (like Facebook), Web email, some forums. If Skype is installed it will be blocked at school but it will work at home. If parents do not want students to use Skype, please ask your son to uninstall it.



The College Intranet (SIMON)

  • Provides stored resources for students
  • Provides daily messages, timetables and links to resources
  • Allows teachers to collect school work and provide results and feedback to students and parents

The Parent Access Module (PAM)

  • Allows parents to log in and see their son’s assessment results and feedback, due dates for tasks, attendance records, number of behavioural incidents and some resources
  • Parents access PAM through the Parent Portal on the school website. An email with the usernames and passwords will be sent to parents early in Term 1.

Classroom Projection

  • All classrooms within the College have been fitted with a projector and speakers or large TV.

Books and online resources

  • Many textbooks will be on the student’s Laptop or online
  • ClickView Online provides access to educational videos
  • Many subscriptions to online databases, encyclopaedias and specialist sites are provided


  • iPads are available for specialised classroom use – specialised apps. Multi-media tools, specific activities

Office 365

  • Microsoft’s cloud solution – used to provide a space for backup and collaboration
  • OneNote Classroom used to provide classroom resources, lessons and collaboration space>
  • Allows families to load Office onto 5 other machines

Google Drive

  • Google’s cloud solution – used to provide a space for backup and collaboration
  • Used for surveys/forms and for shared websites


  • Website for Project Based Learning (PBL)
  • Delivery of resources and lessons for projects

ClickView Online

  • Educational videos, school videos and TV recordings available online Online Tutorials

  • Latest tutorials on major software

SJC Library Online

  • Access to the library catalogue and subscribed databases, magazines and references tools

Careers Online

  • Access to the school Careers information