2021 Booklists and Ordering Process

The 2021 St Joseph’s College booklists for each year level are now available to download on this page. This year, submission of booklists can be done online or the printed booklist can be submitted directly to Campion – please do not return the booklist to the College. All booklist orders must be completed online by Wednesday 16 December.  All orders will be Home Delivery ONLY and will be dispatched between Monday 4 January and Friday 22 January 2021.

Ordering Online

1. Visit www.campion.com.au
2. Select “Online ordering for parents and students” from the menu options. Choose to set up an account or sign in .      
3. Type in the code: “D8X3
4. Select the relevant year level booklist
5. Complete and submit the order by the due date (online orders by Wednesday 16 December). Please check carefully that all compulsory items have been selected.

Pre-packaged delivery service - January 2021

Booklist items will not be collected at the College. All orders are Home Delivery ONLY.
Orders will be dispatched between Monday 4 January to Friday 22 January 2021 by Australia Post.  

Sustainable School Shop – Booklist items

The College is working with Sustainable School Shop to provide parents with the ability to trade second-hand items via www.sustainableschoolshop.com.au The service is very accessible, it preferences our school first and then provides access to buy and sell items with families attending other schools. Many schools use this service. Access to second-hand textbooks, uniforms, calculators, stationery, musical equipment, etc is available all year. For the best results:
• Register on the Sustainable School Shop website and nominate the school
• A subscription to the service will be provided to you
• List your items for sale
• List wanted ads for those items you are looking to buy (if you’re buying texts, please ensure that it is the booklisted edition and that digital codes are current)
• The College’s uniform and book lists are loaded into the system to make listing ads easy
• The system matches the ads of buyers with sellers and notifies the buyer via email
• Buyers contact sellers and arrange where and when to trade
• Most trading will occur with other parents from our school
• Parents are well supported via Sustainable School Shop’s telephone (0438 743 444) and email help lines
• The system is simple and easy to use. If you don’t have a computer, internet access or an email address, please call the Sustainable School Shop for assistance. 
• You can pre-arrange the transaction and then trade after the texts are not required.
The College is providing this service so there is no cost for families. Each family that registers on the Sustainable School Shop will be given a subscription.

SJC Booklist Explained - New Families

If you are a new family to SJC in 2021, click on the link below to download a guide to the SJC booklist. 

SJC Booklist Downloads For All Year Levels - 2021

Some families like to source stationery items themselves or purchase second hand items, so we have provided a downloadable version of each year level's booklist below for reference.