The Four EREA Touchstones

The Edmund Rice Education Australia (EREA) Touchstones challenge the St Joseph’s College community to strive for authenticity as a member of Edmund Rice Communities. The Touchstones can be represented by two different types of symbolic icons, the Indigenous designs were created by Vicki Clark OAM who is a proud Mutthi Mutthi, Wemba Wamba woman and Edmund Rice Education Australia board member. 

A touchstone is a fundamental or quintessential feature. In earlier times a touchstone was used to judge the purity of precious metals. A streak left on the touchstone was compared with a streak made by the pure metal. Hence authenticity was verified.

Liberating Education 

We open hearts and minds, through quality teaching and learning experiences, so that through critical reflection and engagement each person is hope filled and free to build a better world for all. 
“My hope is in your hands. Teach them to be a proud strong race.” 

Inclusive Community

Our community is accepting and welcoming, fostering right relationships and committed to the common good. 
“Please don’t just tolerate me; try to understand me. ” 

Gospel Spirituality

We invite people into the story of Jesus and strive to make his message of compassion, justice and peace a living reality within our community. 
“Please don’t hand me the scraps off your table.” 

Justice and Solidarity

We are committed to justice and peace for all, grounded in a spirituality of action and reflection that calls us to stand in solidarity with those who are marginalised and the Earth itself. 
“How does if feel to have my Mother’s land on your hands?”