A variety of opportunities for Camps, trips and immersions are available over different year levels. Activities Week at the beginning of May is when each year level has their own camp, excursion or renewal experience. In addition to these Activities Week experiences, the College also has a variety of Trips and Immersions available for students to take part in.

General Information on College Trips

Below is some general information on some of the larger trips that are offered at SJC, have a read and look out for further information from teaching staff when students are eligible to apply!

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Island (ATSI) Experiences

The Daly River Trip is a nine day trip to the Northern Territory, spending five days at Nauiyu Indigenous Community on the Daly River. The Trip is an immersion into Aboriginal culture within Nauiyu that involves camping, cultural experiences, fishing, listening to local stories and meeting members of the local community.
Purpose: The purpose of the trip is to provide an opportunity for students to develop relationships with a remote Aboriginal community so they can further the cause of reconciliation in their own communities.
Who is eligible: Year 10 students
Trip frequency: Annually - Last week of Term 2
Trip Highlights:

  • Dreamtime stories with Agnes
  • Traditional fishing and hunting on Agnes’ country
  • Visiting traditional landmarks, waterholes and historical places
  • Eating Barra Burgers while watching the NT Thunder in Darwin

Approximate cost : $2200

A six day trip to Yeppoon in Queesland as part of a Student Immersion Exchange with St Brendan’s College Yeppoon. This exchange program involves the participants acting as hosts (not necessarily billets) for the St Brendan’s students when they visit St Joseph’s and then being hosted in the boarding houses at St Brendan’s on the return trip. St Brendan’s is an Edmund Rice school for boys with over 600 students, 200 of them are boarders. About 15% of the student population are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.
Purpose: To provide students with the opportunity to experience life as a boarder. The boys will develop relationships which will broaden their understanding of cultural groups within Australia, both ATSI and non-ATSI.
Who is eligible: Year 9 Students
Trip frequency: Annually - Term 3
Trip Highlights:

  • Boarding House Experience
  • Great Keppel Island visit
  • Rodeo

Approximate cost: $1000


This eight day service learning experience provides Year 11 students with the chance to visit an Aboriginal community in the Tiwi Islands. The students will stay at Xaiver Catholic College on Bathurst Island and be involved in running games sessions for the children. They will learn about the local culture and also assist on an Outreach Van in Darwin. 
Purpose: The aim of this experience is to increase awareness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and issues. Upon the students return they are expected to present at assemblies and in the classroom to further the cause of reconciliation in our SJC community
Who is eligible: Year 11 Students (to apply in Year 10)
Trip Frequency: May – Term 2 every year 
Trip Highlights:
Mindil Beach market
Litchfield National Park
Mass on Bathurst Island
Wurrumiyanga Museum
Deck Chair Cinema
Approximate Cost: $ 2100

International Experiences:


An amazing opportunity to complete the Kokoda Track following the 39th Battalion from Kokoda to Owen’s corner in the Owen Stanley Ranges Papua New Guinea.
Coordinated together by staff from SJC along with professional skills of Australian Kokoda Tours, this is an 11 day journey with eight days on the track. It is an a great opportunity to undertake a historical, physical and emotional journey. Participants are required to train, complete practice hikes and hand in a medical.

Purpose: To provide a unique physical challenge combined with heavy focus on Australian history in regards to the Kokoda campaign in WWII. We have also developed a relationship with Kagi Village where we spend a rest day interacting with people.
Who is eligible: The trip is open to Year 10 and 11 students and their parent/s if they wish to accompany their son.
Trip frequency: Annually towards the end of Term 2
Trip highlights:

  • See the Four Pillars at Isurava
  • Experience a day at Kagi village
  • Visit the Bomana War Cemetery

Approximate cost: $4400

Timor Leste is one of Australia’s closest neighbours and this 10 day immersion allows students to experience another culture and life very different to their own. St Joseph’s College is a member of the Geelong-Viqueque Friendship School’s Group. Viqueque is region 180 km south east of Dili and through this group, the school Viqueque 01, has been assigned as SJC’s friendship school. The students will learn about Timor history, culture and day to day living through spending time with local people. While in Viqueque, the group will stay at the orphanage and will be involved in teaching English to some classes at the school.
Purpose: To provide the opportunity for our young men to be involved in an immersion programs in which they can form relationships and work with and learn from those on the margins. While Timor Leste is rich in history, culture and faith, many Timorese experience material poverty as a result of the occupation by Indonesia and their struggle to gain independence.
Who is eligible: Year 11 Students (to apply in Year 10)
Trip Frequency: Beginning of Term 3 every year.(dependent upon numbers)
Trip Highlights:
  • Teaching in the Viqueque 01 classrooms
  • Cooking with the locals
  • Exploring the Loihunu caves
  • Enjoying crème brulees at the Pousada in Baucau
  • Walking to Christo Rae
Approximate Cost: $ 3300


The three week immersion experience provides Year 12 students from St Joseph’s College and Clonard College with the chance to visit Southern Uganda and specifically offer a hand of friendship to the people of Mannya (where they are based) and some outlying villages and schools throughout the parish. St Joseph's College supports projects within the community of Mannya by fundraising at both Edmund Rice Day and the Parents & Friends Fashion Dinner. This is a unique opportunity for students to visit the areas we support, and see how the St Joseph's community can make a difference to those who need it most. 

Purpose:  The aim of this experience is to immerse the students in the daily life, schools and culture within the community.

Who is eligible: Year 12 Students – 8 students from St Joseph’s College and 2 students from Clonard College.
Trip Frequency: November – Term 4 at the end of exams, annually.
Trip Highlights:
Visiting and working with the students in Mannya  kindergarten, schools and surrounding parishes
Visiting outlying schools and communities such as Kensekka, Busibo, Nsese
Health centre mentorship
Outreach home visits
Visit Queen Elizabeth National Park
Home stay in villages
Boarding house sleep over

Approximate Cost: $ 4200

Take a cultural experience and see the sights of China. Every second year SJC Chinese staff chaperone a tour group around China, visiting tourist attractions and local schools, experiencing and sharing the Chinese culture. The trip will visit places, such as the Great Wall, the Terracotta Warriors, the Forbidden City but the itinerary changes each year with new experiences.

Purpose: to explore and experience China and Chinese culture.
Who is eligible: All students of SJC, parents and friends 
Trip frequency: offered once every 2 years in the September school holidays. Next trip is scheduled for 2018.
Trip Highlights:

  • Visit a Chinese School
  • See some of the magnificent sights
  • Immerse yourself in the Chinese Culture

Approximate cost: $3800 - $4500