Year 7 Camp
Get ready for adventure!

Year 7 students will experience a camp for three days at Lake Dewar in Bacchus Marsh. This camp is usually held in Term 1 and is a great way to get to know their new classmates better.  These three days are filled with fun and adventure! 

Every day is packed with activities such as mountain bike riding, hiking, paddle boarding, kayaking, raft building, team building group challenges and for the brave at heart - a giant flying fox which spans the nearby canyon!

Year 7 students will also take part in a variety of activities and excursions throughout the year with their classmates. 

A variety of opportunities for camps, trips and immersions are available for students over different year levels. Each year level has their own camp, excursion or renewal experience. In addition to these experiences, the College also has multiple Trips and Immersions available for students to take part in.

For further information on camps, trips and immersions at St Joseph's visit the following page on our website: 

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