Phones, Games and Messages
Using phones at school

Mobile Telephones, iPods, MP3s and Electronic Games

The College strongly advises students not to bring these items to school.
Should students choose to bring them to school:
they must not be used or turned on during school hours including recess and lunchtime
the College accepts no responsibility for these items in the event of their loss or damage
students using or having these items turned on during school hours will have them confiscated. They will be returned after 48 hours or after parental discussion. 

College Mobile Phone Policy

As a condition of enrolment parents agree to accept a range of College policies including the mobile phone policy. As part of this policy parents agree that senior staff may inspect material stored on a mobile phone in the event of it being confiscated from the student. Policies are published annually in the student Diary and are available on the College website.

SJC Policy 5.9 Acceptable use of Mobile Devices SJC Policy 5.9 Acceptable use of Mobile Devices (101 KB)

Messages for Students

Parents sometimes call the College asking for a message to be relayed to a student. It is unfair to expect that a message will be delivered to students during the school day unless it is urgent or relating to an emergency.  We have a large campus with numerous classrooms and play areas and the College does not have a PA system. Students can be attending any number of activities, classes, excursions, assemblies etc. We ask you to consider the disruption that the delivery of a message can cause to staff and students. If a student does forget his lunch, he can present his diary at the school canteen and pay the next day. As mobile phone use is not allowed during school hours, we also ask that you do not rely on sending text messages to your son as it will encourage him to have his phone in use.

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