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Computing at school


The main purpose of the Notebook Program is to provide a notebook computer for every student in order to help them learn and become smart, safe and responsible users of ICT. The use of personal notebook computers helps to ensure the best contemporary education is available for our boys at St Joseph’s. Every student will have their own laptop - it will have their name clearly marked on the cover, it is the student's responsibility to look after and charge his laptop so it is in good working order for classes. 

Hire of the Notebook

The College purchases the notebook and families hire the notebook for use by the student attending the school. The 

College will recall all notebooks for maintenance over the summer break.

Distribution of Notebook Computers

Notebook computers will be distributed the week before school commences for Term 1 and notebooks will be returned
before the summer break to undergo maintenance and upgrades.

Policies and Procedures

School policies regarding the use of notebook computers will be in line with current Computer Appropriate Use Policies
and procedures for the care and use of computers will apply. Notebook computers are supervised when used at school
and must always be transported in the carry bag.

Internet Filtering at Home

An email will be sent early in Term 1 for parents who wish to opt to allow the school internet filter to operate outside
the school.


Games are not allowed to be installed on the notebooks. Apart from ‘educational games’ required by the teacher, all
games are banned from being played on computers and other electronic devices at school.
It is important to discuss game playing at home with your son and agree to rules regarding the playing of games –
especially online games.

Warranty and Non-Warranty Repairs

Computers provided by the College are covered by 3 year warranty. Parents will pay for any repairs for accidental
damage up to a capped amount of $250 per repair (inc. GST). Any deliberate damage will result in complete costs being

charged to the parents. 

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