Getting to and from school
buses, cars and bike travel

Starting at a new school means you have to work out the best way to get to and from there each day, there are a lot of options, probably the most daunting is catching a school bus if you have not before. Once you have worked out your pickup and drop off times and places, you will be just fine. Staff supervise the Bus Set Down area both morning and afternoon, if you are unsure - ask and they will assist you. 

Bus Travel

The McHarry's Website is a great resource, it has bus routes, maps and timetables available, you can look up the buses that travel to St Joseph's College Geelong and see which one is yours.

For further information, please contact: McHarry’s Buslines 5223 2111 

Buses drop off and pick up from the Bus Set Down Area at the front of the College on Aphrasia Street. 

There is further transport information on our College website under Student Welbeing -  Student Transport


Students who ride bicycles to school must use the bike racks near the VCE building and are required to provide their own lock. As required by law, all bike riders must wear an approved safety helmet. Students riding bicycles are not required to wear their blazer while riding, but are required to bring it to school in Terms 2 and 3.


Students travelling by car should be dropped off and collected from near the Queens Road entrance. Please note that council regulations do not permit cars stopping on or immediately before or after the pedestrian school crossing. Take care not to stop in areas where there are marked yellow lines on the side of the road - this indicates a no standing area.  Council Officers regularly patrol the area and will consider any stopped vehicle as parked - regardless as to weather the engine is running or not. These regulations are for the safety of all students and travelers in the area. 

Travel and Public Behaviour

Responsible behaviour is expected of students at all times. This is particularly important when travelling to and from school on buses.  The travelling public and fellow students are to be treated with respect. Failure to meet these expectations may result in the loss of the right to travel on the bus and / or some other appropriate disciplinary action.
Students are to follow directions given by staff supervising the bus set down. 
Appropriate behaviour and correct uniform are also expected of students walking to and from school or travelling by other means of transport. This also applies when students are in a public place e.g. supermarkets / shopping centres.  We require parent support in this as the College is judged by the way students appear and behave in public.  

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