Extra Curricular Activities
There's more than classrooms at SJC!

In addition to their studies, students may participate in various cultural, academic, sporting and leisure activities. These all provide a wide range of opportunity and experiences that will last a lifetime. 

Some of these options include: 

  • Join the Junior Band, make some noise in our Junior Drumline or learn an instrument with our Music Program
  • Play team sports such as football, soccer, cricket, basketball and badminton - or participate in House sport challenges!
  • Compete in our debating and public speaking teams
  • Lend a hand to the environment with our Sustainability team
  • Step up and inspire others as a student leader
  • Volunteer with our breakfast programs
  • Test out your acting skills with drama productions
  • Jump into training with our cross country, athletics, mountain biking, swimming, golf or surfing teams
  • Investigate the library clubs and activities including movie club, tech & robotics or join in lunchtime activities 

Every year there is more to explore - so get out there and give it a go!

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