Locks & Lockers
How to open your lock

Want to work out how to use your combination lock? They can seem tricky, but once you get the hang of it - it's easy!

Practice opening and closing your lock at home if you get time. 

Each student is provided with a locker and a combination lock.

  • students will not normally be permitted to attend lockers during class time
  •  under no circumstances should valuables be brought to school
  •  the College accepts no responsibility for items stored in lockers
  •  lockers are only to be used for the storage of school books, sports equipment and lunch
  •  combination lock numbers should be memorised, but not written down. Students who forget their combination number can get this from the Property Manager’s Office. Under no circumstances should students tell others the combination numbers to their lock
  • lockers must remain locked at all times
  • stickers, labels or other similar material must not be attached to lockers
  • writing, of any description, is not permitted on the outside or inside of lockers
  • the College reserves the right to inspect lockers and their contents at any time
  • any breach of locker security is to be reported immediately to the Deputy Principals or the Director of Students
  • students are responsible for the combination lock issued to them. Those who lose their locks will be charged the cost of replacement.

Watch the video below or download the instructions on how to open your lock:

Masterlock Instructions Masterlock Instructions (291 KB)

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