Ordering lunches

What's for lunch?

Both our Edmund Rice Campus and Westcourt Campus run a canteen. 
You can order your lunch by visiting the canteen in the morning before Homeroom - and then pick it up from the canteen at lunch time. 
There is also an over the counter service at both canteens that allow you to purchase food and drinks at both recess and lunch. There are also breakfast options available before Homeroom with items such as toasted sandwiches, Up & Go, yoghurt etc. available to purchase so you don't start the day on an empty stomach!
Keep and eye out for the daily meal deals - they are tasty and good value!

Each term the canteen menu will be published in the College newsletter for the Edmund Rice Campus, it is also listed on the College website and on the College App. The canteen will also have menus posted each day if you want to have a look when you get there. 

Order Your Lunch Online: 

Once you are a student at St Joseph's, you can order your lunch online via the College shop. Just make sure to order your lunch before Homeroom on the day you would like it. 

If you have not logged in before, select 'forgot your password' to setup a new password

Click below for the current menu:

The Westcourt canteen has its own menu which is posted at the canteen on Campus. 

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