09 / SEP
  • SJC Geelong Edmund Rice Campus
  • 12:30 - 1:45pm
Tri_UMPH Lite

Tri-UMPH was a music festival organised and conducted by students of the five Geelong Catholic Secondary Colleges.

This year we will be running an alternative “Triumph lite”

with only St Joseph’s College (incl. Westcourt) students.

All money donated and raised goes toward helping East Timorese children in their education

When: Friday 9 September

Assembly times with normal classes P1-4 & 5-6

Triumph lite happening in Quad. Extended Lunch 12:30pm – 1:45pm

What's On

Casual Dress Day with extended lunch

3 bands performing under PAC

- Goodwood

- All that Jazz

- Calypso

Sausage Sizzle

$2.50 for a sausage or $4.00 for a sausage and soft-drink combo.

Hot Jam Donuts (via cricket pavilion) 3 for $5

All the money donated and raised will go to The University of Baccau, which is located in East Timor. The money gives scholarships to young people interested in becoming Teachers.

Donate $5 for wrist-band and casual dress on the day

From Monday 5 – Friday 9 of September you can donate $5 via. home-room teacher and receive a hand-made wristband. These wrist bands were specially made for us by the generous community of Baccau in East Timor.

These can be purchased with cash, in home-room any day between 5-9 September.

Students can wear their wrist band all week.

Additionally, the $5 donation (or other gold coin donation) will allow students to wear casual dress on Friday 9 September.


From Monday 22 August, students are encouraged to purchase Tri-UMPH merchandise prior to the day via. the SJC Shop. https://shop.sjc.vic.edu.au/my...

These will also be available to purchase on the day (9/9).

All hoodies and t-shirts have been designed with certified organic & sustainable materials, ethical production practices & recycled packaging.