17 / FEB.
  • SJC Edmund Rice Campus
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SJC Athletics Carnival

Time: Admin from 8.30am to 8.50am. Students should go to Homeroom to have their names ticked off the roll. They will be then given permission to head off to Zampatti Oval for the opening ceremony. Late comers must report to the office to get a late pass so you are registered as being at school.

Age groups: Ages are taken from 31 December 2023 ie. The oldest you will be this year is the age group you are under.

Uniform: Normal PE uniform, with SJC hat. Competitors in running events must wear shorts. Tracksuit pants are only acceptable in field events. - NO THONGS
Participation: Attendance is compulsory. Absentees will be checked. It is expected that ALL students participate. Athletics Day is about participation and having fun. Not everybody can be an elite athlete but everyone can have a go! A roll will be taken at each event and an absence will be treated with the same penalty as missing a class. You should compete in EVERY event
(that way you will get maximum points for your House!)
Points for your House: You will receive points for participating, and bonus points according to the standard you reach for each event. Eg. U/15 - 100m 1 point: under 19 secs, 2 points: under 17 secs, 3 points: under 14sec
Placegetters and Champions: The first five placegetters in each event will be awarded points towards the overall age level champion result. 1st, 2nd, 3rd will receive ribbons. (Collect RIBBONS from the Cricket Pavilion)
The only event which has finals is the 100m. The best 3 in each House will run in the final and the first 4 make up the relay team. Relays will be held at the end of the day.
Age Level Champions: The first five placegetters in each event will receive points toward the age-level champion. Medals will be presented to the winners of each age group.
800m Run: Everyone is expected to run the 800m.
The COLLEGE CLASSIC 1500m race: Is open to the best ten 1500m runners in each age group. The top placegetters in the 800m will qualify for the classic.
Canteen: Will be open with a limited menu available. 
OOB: The tennis courts are out of bounds and no ball games are allowed on the day. When the boys are not competing they are to be around the Zampatti Oval precinct.
Sunscreen: Please ensure you bring and apply sunscreen.

Year 9 Students: All students are to report to the Gym from 8:30am for Homeroom and bag drop.