In Year 8, students have an increasing responsibility for their subject choices as they progress through the middle secondary years. Students consider their interests, their abilities and their career and senior schooling goals when making choices. The range of subject choices caters for students experiencing learning difficulties and also makes accelerated learning possible.

Students in Year 8 will continue to experience a range of subjects from each of the Curriculum Domains, building on from the Year 7 program. Students will undertake 7 core subjects as well as have the opportunity to select subjects of their own choice from The Arts and Technology curriculum domains.

Year 8 Handbook 2018

Click on the image below to download the 2018 Year 8 Handbook. The Handbook includes important curriculum information along with subject information for Year 8 students.


Year 8 Handbook 2018 Year 8 Handbook 2018 (867 KB)

Year 7 into Year 8 Information 

Click on the link below to download the Year 7 into Year 8 information presentation.

Year 7 into Year 8 Information Year 7 into Year 8 Information (11472 KB)

Are you a new student at SJC in Year 8?

Welcome! Download the Welcome book that includes some useful information for new students at
St Joseph's. See below.


Welcome to SJC New Student Booklet 2017 Welcome to SJC New Student Booklet 2017 (1999 KB)