In the senior years, students choose from a variety of units, some offered at St Joseph’s College, Sacred Heart College or Clonard College. The vast majority of students will be choosing a pathway to undertake the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) and some will include a Vocational Education & Training (VET) component in their studies. Senior students also can work towards completing the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) for those whose needs are not met by the VCE and VET options.

Presentations from the Senior Years Information Expo

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About the VCE About the VCE (698 KB)

Senior Years Expo VCAL Presentation Senior Years Expo VCAL Presentation (1825 KB)

Year 10

Year 10 students have the opportunity to build an individual pathway into their senior years of schooling. Within the Year 10 program, students are able to undertake work experience, community service and many extra-curricular activities. As well as a strong and varied Year 10 program, students can apply to undertake a specialist Vocational Education and Training (VET) subject and/or a Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) subject.

Year 10 Handbook 2018

Click below to download the 2018 Year 10 Handbook which includes important information regarding Subject Selection.

Year 10 VCAL 

As part of St Joseph’s College commitment to vocational education we are introducing Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) at Year 10. In addition to a focus on literacy and numeracy skills, students will learn a range of vocational, employability and personal development skills through hands on project based and explicit teaching methods.
The course focuses on the principles of applied learning, such as building on a student's interests, abilities and strengths; catering for different learning styles; promoting competence, resilience and active citizenship; experiential learning based on real life situations; and assessment methods that suit the learner and context of learning.
Students who are vocationally oriented can effectively get a concurrent Year 10 pass and VCAL certificate at Foundation level. At Foundation level, students learn under close supervision with high levels of direction. Knowledge and employability skills development is supported by a strong emphasis on literacy and numeracy skills and preparatory learning.
The VCAL Foundation offers students an opportunity to experience a range of vocational development activities which will assist with basic living skills and future employment. 
The VCAL program overall is a Foundation, Intermediate and Senior qualification based on hands-on learning, also known as applied learning.
The VCAL Foundation level contains four curriculum strands: 
Literacy and Numeracy Skills – English and Maths at the appropriate level.
Industry Specific Skills - VET
Work Related Skills – Work Placement x 3 weeks throughout the year.
Personal Development Skills- Group work, project based community engagement 
o Elective (choice)
Pathway beyond
Year 11: 
o VCAL Intermediate
o Apprenticeship / workforce
VCAL is a select entry course at St Joseph’s College. Students are accepted into this course only if they meet the specific criteria established by the College. After submitting the completed Expression of Interest form, all applicants will be interviewed to assess their suitability for this course. Each applicant will be assessed on their readiness for work and vocational training, as well as their classroom behaviour, effort and attendance. Applications must be approved by the Assistant Principal, in consultation with the VCAL Coordinator.
To be eligible for the VCAL program, students must demonstrate a commitment to a learning program that includes school-based studies, industry work placements, and a VET study in the area of their chosen vocation. In order to enter the VCAL program students must meet the necessary entry requirements as specified by the College under the auspices of the VCAA.
For entry into Year 10 VCAL students must satisfy all of the following:
Undertaken Year 9 and be enrolled in a VET Study in 2016
A referral from the Year 9 Campus Coordinator
Evidence of student’s commitment to commencing an applied learning program through the completion of the expression of interest form.
Demonstrate a willingness to fully participate in the VCAL program by signing the Student Contract document.
Parent/Guardian consent.

VET in schools programs

VET refers to Vocational Education and Training subjects that are offered as a 2 year course that have both a practical skills component as well as a specialist focus in a study. A VET subject can count as one subject within a VCE course or a VCAL course in the Senior Years program. There are many different programs including carbon management, allied health, building and construction, sport and recreation, multimedia, music and engineering. Many VET programs are run by an external provider off campus and require students to attend once a week for an extended period of time. VET is normally timetabled for Monday and Wednesday afternoons commencing at 1.30pm with finishing times varying. Most would continue until at least 5pm. Transport is provided to take students to the venue however, students are responsible for making their own way home.

Senior Years Handbook - VCE, VCAL & VET Information

For detailed course information and requirements of the VCE, VCAL and VET programs download the Senior Years Handbook by clicking on the image below.

Senior Years Handbook 2018 Senior Years Handbook 2018 (3945 KB)

Are you a new student at SJC in Years 10-12?

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