Our Board membership is highly representative of the College community. The Board establishes policy, strategies and direction for the College, as distinct from management and the day to day operations of the College. The Board meets monthly, and holds an Annual Seminar. Currently there is one sub-committee of the Board: Finance/Planning Committee. People from the College and wider community who feel they can offer something to the College are invited to contact me concerning Board or committee membership.

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The Design for EREA School Boards The Design for EREA School Boards (541 KB)

Joanne Van Slageren
Mr Tony Paatsch
Principal & Board Executive Officer
Mr Mark Nicholls
Deputy Chairperson / Board Executive Member
Mr Barry Knight
Board Member
Br Roger A Cripps
Board Member – EREA (Edmund Rice Education Australia)
Mr Chris Hickey
Board Member
Mr John Cleary
Board Member
Mrs Maree Kelly
Board Member
Mr Shaun Cannon
Board Member
Mrs Michelle Brodrick
Board Member & Deputy Principal
Mr Mark Kennedy
Board Member & Deputy Principal
Mrs Adele Wilson
Principal's PA / Board Secretary