Why Choose A Boys School?

Learning can mean far more than academic achievement. Our Staff are experienced at helping guide boys through the many challenges and choices that arise as they grow as men.

When students begin their journey at St Joseph’s College they quickly discover that there is more to being a student at St Joseph’s than just showing up for classes each day.  We believe all our students, past and present, should have a sense of pride in being a part of our community.  

St Joseph’s students are continuing a long history of young boys developing into young men. Some students continue their journey long after having graduated, with values and friendships that originated at St Joseph’s lasting a lifetime.
St Joseph’s College focusses on the development of the whole person - spiritual, moral, emotional, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic.  All people are unique and worthy of respect.  We recognise the individual gifts of all students and our College welcomes all those who seek Catholic education regardless of social and economic status or ability. We emphasise participation and involvement of all members of the College community; students, parents, teachers and administrators.

Moved by the story of Edmund Rice, and inspired by the gospel values of love and justice, we encourage one another to “strive for the highest” (Ad Alta Virtute).

We are committed to education that encourages students to develop and use talents, to respect and show compassion towards others, to embrace innovation, to help develop abilities and teach Christian ethics as the basis of acting with integrity.

We seek to equip boys with the knowledge, integrity and sense of self that will help them develop into fine men who contribute to the world in their own unique way. We uphold the model of life long learning and hope that each boy leaves St Joseph’s with confidence and motivation to keep reaching for new horizons.


We, the St Joseph’s College Community, are committed to continue education in the Catholic tradition, through the example of Jesus Christ, our beginning and end. Moved by the story of Edmund Rice and inspired by the gospel values of love and justice, we encourage one another “to strive for the highest”, to develop and use our talents and abilities, and to respect and show compassion towards others. We aim to create a child-safe environment, in all school environments during and outside school hours, where children are free to enjoy life to the full without any concern for their safety. Through the development of partnerships, we show that we value the contribution of students, staff and families, past and present. In our service to the wider community, we see our school as being a place of hope and encouragement in our world today.




In the years leading to 2007, the Christian Brothers and those in the communities of their schools engaged in a broad consultation on how the governance of their schools would be carried into the future.

The formation of Edmund Rice Education Australia (EREA) by the Christian Brothers in 2007 continues the Brothers' response to the educational needs of the time. EREA, as part of the mission of the Catholic Church, is charged with the responsibility for the governance of the schools owned by the Christian Brothers throughout Australia and ensures that the charism of Edmund Rice lives on in these schools.

Schools with membership of EREA share a commitment to the Charter of Catholic Schools in the Edmund Rice Tradition. This Charter describes their aspirations and sets a foundation for all decision and policy making.

Fundamental to this Charter are the four touchstones:

Click on the image to see a larger version of the touchstones

A touchstone is a fundamental or quintessential feature. In earlier times a touchstone was used to judge the purity of precious metals. A streak left on the touchstone was compared with a streak made by the pure metal. Hence authenticity was verified.

All members of EREA are called to show how these touchstones are a living reality in their community.

To download the EREA Charter, click the link below:


EREA Charter EREA Charter (16896 KB)

EREA Statement Acknowledging the Royal Commission's Final Report on Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse

Edmund Rice Education Australia (EREA) has today welcomed the final report of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, with great sadness for the ordeals of survivors and victims, gratitude for their courage, and shame for the failures of institutions established to care for children.

EREA Royal Commission Statement EREA Royal Commission Statement (466 KB)