Mrs Maureen Bryant
Principal's PA / Board Secretary

I am a past parent, having had five boys attend the College, between1982 - 1999. Adam completed Year 12 in1992, David 1993, Simon 1994, Jonathan 1996 and Mark 1999. In 1992 we managed to have all five sons here together at 
St Joseph’s for one year, which may be a record. Our eldest son Adam died in a car accident in 1993 and the College Community was a tremendous support to us and our four sons still attending the College. I have a background working as Secretary to the Principal, firstly at Christ the King Primary School for 11 years and at St Joseph's since 1993. In 2010 my role as Principal’s PA became a part time job share, and working with Adel Mawson is something I truly value. We work together in all areas supporting our wonderful Principal, Tony, staff, students and families.  
My involvement with the Board commenced in 1993. My husband Greg was Treasurer of the Parents & Friends for many years and a member of the very first Foundation Committee. He has also been President of the St Joseph’s Football & Netball Club. As you can appreciate St Joseph’s has been and will always be a part of our lives. As Co Board Secretary I have come to know and appreciate the tremendous work members undertake, generously giving of their time and expertise to support our Principal, Leadership Team, Staff and College Community.

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