Mr Mark Kennedy
Board Member & Deputy Principal

I grew up on a farm near Skipton and I was schooled at St Patrick’s College Ballarat. I graduated from Australian Catholic University Aquinas, in 2001. Last year I returned from 11 years in Cairns where I spent time as a Year Level Coordinator, Assistant Principal Religious Education and as the Deputy Principal of St Andrew’s Catholic College. I am a diverse teacher/leader and I have had experience leading all levels of school from Prep to Year 12. I have loved reconnecting with family and friends in Victoria and I feel privileged to have the role as Deputy Principal at St Joseph’s College Geelong. I am married to Renee and we now have two daughters, Evelyn who is two and a half and Annie who is nearly one. I thoroughly enjoyed my first year at St Joseph’s and I am keen to continue to throw myself into the St Joseph’s community and make a healthy contribution in all aspects of the College.

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